Company Information of your co-ownership syndicate

A vision of the co-ownership syndicate

The mission of a co-ownership syndicate is dictated by law:

"Upon the publication of the declaration of co-ownership, the co-owners as a body constitute a legal person, the objects of which are the preservation of the immovable, the maintenance and administration of the common portions, the protection of the rights appurtenant to the immovable or the co-ownership, as well as all business in the common interest." (art 1039 C.c.Q)

Our vision of the co-ownership syndicate bears this mission:

  • An administration that has a maintenance plan of the building that includes a schedule for updates and inspection, a status certificate of the building, a realistic financing plan of the work to be done in the short term (budget forecast) and long-term (contingency fund);
  • An administration that seeks sustainability of the building and that is not acting only to settle current emergencies;
  • An administration that acts in full transparency with the co-owners and with all respect for them;
  • An administration that allows co-owners to have a sense of belonging to their building.

Because we have already been in your place

Word from Carl Normandeau, C.Adm.

"Having been president of my co-ownership syndicate, I am aware of a director’s reality and his responsibilities:

  • We often have only basic knowledge about the mechanics of a building and, in an emergency, it is easy to trust blindly external resources;
  • Without the necessary knowledge, managing financial, operational and administration activities may become heavy;
  • It is not always easy to get between co-owners that have an argument;
  • Being co-owner ourselves, we must remain objective and out of conflicts of interest;
  • The co-ownership syndicate is regulated in parallel by the Civil Code and the declaration of co-ownership. It can be difficult to see clear in all these legal concepts;
  • We have to make sure that the rules of the building are fulfilled;
  • Being elected by the members of the co-ownership syndicate, the role of directors is "political." We must consider all inquiries and make prioritization;
  • Etc. etc. etc.

These are some of the many issues that have forged my experience and for which my management background has given me a proud hand.

Mastering the management of a co-ownership syndicate is not easy despite all the existing reference tools. As a manager, I offer a service to help directors meet their needs and act in line with the above vision. I base my reputation, and always will, by providing outstanding service not only to directors but also to members of the co-ownership syndicate."

M. Normandeau