Our property management services

Co-ownership syndicate management

Whatever approach is adopted, the board of directors retains its decision-making responsibilities while discharging tasks that do not suit him. Moreover, if the desired service is only short term, we will be happy to help out.

We will ensure effective communication and rigorous monitoring to achieve better cooperation and greater transparency.

Do not hesitate to call us to assess your needs. We will be happy to help you in order to meet them perfectly.

Full Management Service

Full Management Service: Always in collaboration with the board of directors, we take care of the complete management of your co-ownership syndicate.

Customised Management service

Customised Management service: Select the tasks that you entrust to us. We will achieve them fully consistent with the already established management mode. If you decide to modulate them on the way, we can adjust ourselves without problems.

Consultation Service:

Consultation Service: We will remain available to you. By phone or on site, we will make sure to answer your questions and assist you in the procedures relatively to your co-ownership syndicate.

Specific needs

Specific needs: If the desired service is only specific in time, we will be happy to help you out. Maybe you need help to organize a general meeting, to facilitate the transition during the transfer by the developer, etc.

Here are some of a board member’s tasks we can assume:


  • Redaction of agendas and minutes;
  • Preparation, convening and leading board meetings;
  • Preparation of the annual detailed budget forecast;
  • Management of bank accounts;
  • Production of financial statements (with monthly updates or at each meeting of the Board);
  • Management of the contingency fund and recommendations (obtaining status reports of the building and further analysis if required);
  • Management and updating the syndicate’s records;
  • Production of the government statements on time (tax report and annual declaration);
  • Management of court records;
  • Disaster Management;
  • Act as an advisor facing decisions.


  • Perception of common expenses and special assessments;
  • Management of arrears and related procedures;
  • Management of compliance with the building rules and the declaration of co-ownership;
  • Conflicts and complaints resolution;
  • Act as a primary contact to them.


  • Obtaining quotes, negotiating contracts and renew contracts
  • Works and maintenance monitoring;
  • Payment of invoices;
  • Act as a primary contact to them.


(Annual Meetings, Special Meetings, Transition Meetings)

  • Preparation and convening meetings;
  • Redaction of the agenda, the minutes and the documents for the holding of meetings;
  • Lead the meetings (presidency);

EMPLOYEES (if applicable)

  • Payroll management, through a third company if necessary;
  • Human resources management;
  • Material Management necessary to the employees work.


  • Periodic visual inspection of the building;
  • Emergency service 24/24 and 7/7;
  • Assistance in the transition during the transfer by the developer.