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An integrity guarantee!

Doing business with “Normandeau Gestion Immobilière” is to trust a Chartered Administrator, member of the Order of Chartered Administrators of Quebec (OAAQ), ensuring knowledge, competence and professionalism. In addition, our professional liability insurance protects the integrity of your building.

For peace of mind

Managing a co-ownership syndicate requires a lot of knowledge and time. Moreover, even if the directors’ work is often done volunteered, civil liability is not less diminished. Furthermore, a reform of the civil code surrounding co-ownership could take place in the coming years. Are the management methods of your co-ownership syndicate appropriate?

A cost-effective service

Sound and efficient management of the co-ownership syndicate is a key to maintain, if not increase, the value of the units. Prospective condo buyers are increasingly aware of the importance of checking the records of the co-ownership prior to the acquisition. Investment in the services of a professional is now more than relevant.

A. D. M. A.